About Us

Marsden Technologies, Inc. originated in 1998 as Adirontech, LLC in the geographic center of upstate New York in the southwest foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. It was formed based on a growing need for engineering support services in the central New York region but quickly grew into an all-encompassing machine design company. MTI grew steadily for many years, but with major industry steadily leaving New York State and a stagnant state economy it became obvious that we would have to follow the work and relocate as well. After researching several cities we decided on Chattanooga, TN because of its strong and growing economy, its geographical location to our existing customer base outside of NY, and the friendly nature of almost everyone we met. So, in 2015 Adirontech packed up everything and relocated to a 4,000 Sq Ft building in Soddy Daisy. In the process, the business was renamed Marsden Technologies, Inc.

Having contracted and worked for a multitude of different companies over the years, MTI engineers have a diversified background of experience to draw on, from industries like; tire, textile, aerospace, automated assembly lines, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, and press operations to name a few.

Our engineering staff utilizes leading-edge parametric solid modeling software when designing machinery. This allows us to maximize quality and efficiency while minimizing cost and lead time.