Our Process

From Concept to Commissioning

Marsden Technologies provides turnkey solutions by following our proven methods from concept to commissioning. Each machine that we build begins as an idea, your idea, and must be carefully guided into becoming a reality that achieves your goals without blowing your budget. For each machine MTI builds, we follow these steps:

Step 1: Design

The concept development stage begins with the front-end engineering process. As we discuss your goals and objectives, we work with you to determine the project scope and design aspects. We will present you with several different options for cost and time savings based on the goals and budget that are mutually agreed upon during this stage. After an initial project scope has been determined we will complete a detailed quote.

Step 2: Automation 

As in the machine design stage, we will work with you to determine your automation goals and preferences. Once the best automation strategy has been determined, we will develop an electrical design for your machine and begin the automation process. MTI provides several different types of automation choices: PC, PLC, Logic Programming, and Operator Interface programming. We can also fully integrate product inspection and quality assurance, as well as machine data collection technologies.

Step 3: Fabrication

The same engineer who worked on the design of your machine, and programmed its controls will also supervise the fabrication of your custom machine. Once fabrication is complete we will assemble your machine or, for larger projects, will contract one of our local machine builders to assemble it under our strict supervision.  Once we have built your custom machine, it will go through rigorous testing before shipping.

Step 4: On-site Installation

MTI's involvement with your custom machine does not end at shipment. The same engineers who have now designed, automated, and built your custom machine will come out to your facility to install it.  We will make sure your new machine is fully installed, operational, and integrated smoothly into your operations.

Step 5: Startup, Commissioning, and Support

Once the machine is safely installed inside your plant, we will walk you through the start-up process, ensuring your machine starts out on the right foot. We will provide operator and maintenance training. Once the machine is running smoothly and you are fully trained, we will consider the project complete. However, should you have any problems or issues, we will always come back out to help you resolve them. We provide ongoing support for all our projects.