MTI's specialty is solving your manufacturing challenges with truly innovative and simple solutions. Our proven ability to design, manufacture and deliver the final product on time and on budget demonstrates our depth of project management, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing experience.

Machining Services

We are now offering in-house machining services.  Call us for a quote today.

Custom Machine Design & Retrofits

Marsden Technologies designs small to medium-sized innovative manufacturing machines to meet the changing needs of today's manufacturers.  We also specialize in designing machinery modifications for existing equipment. Each custom machine design by us is based on inventive concepts and new ideas. Whether the machine is intended to introduce a new product or alter an existing product on the line, our engineers have extensive machine design knowledge and apply fundamental engineering principles to the working machines we bring to life.

Fixture & Gage Design 

With a diverse background of skills and experience, we can design and/or build custom fixtures, jigs, and gages for your unique needs.

Design Engineering

Marsden Technologies is prepared to concept and design the special tooling and machines you need. Our designers have vast experience in fixtures, dies, gages, and various types of special machines. This includes but is not limited to Assembly, Machining, Forming, Piercing, Fastening, and Testing.

Part Modeling

If you need a 3-dimensional model of your product for CAM geometry, stereolithography (rapid-prototype), marketing, or any other reason, MTI can provide it.  Just send us your 2-D drawings or sketches or the physical parts.  Our engineers will take this information and generate a 3-D solid model.

Rapid Prototyping

Using your CAD model, or one we develop for you, we can create a working plastic model of your part using the latest rapid prototyping technology. Rapid prototyping allows you to have functional and accurate plastic parts in your hands within 1-3 days. This 3D model will save you time and money by revealing any design issues and avoiding costly modifications to production tooling.