Coil Forming Machine

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This machine produced coils for use in DC motor armatures by automatically pulling the specially insulated rectangular copper wire from a spool, straightening it, stripping the insulation on the top and bottom surfaces for approximately 1" where it will be cut, cut the wire to length (at the same time trimming the insulation off the sides and shaping the ends of the leads), put a 180° bend in the middle and finally twist and spread the leads to the final shape.  The finished coil is then dropped onto a rail where it slides outside the guarded area and accumulates until the operator removes them.

This one machine replaced two old machines that were difficult and time-consuming to change over and set up.  The only physical changes required on this machine were to change the die set for the cutter and change the spool of wire.  All other changes were handled in the controls via servos and recipes.  Taking the downtime for change-over from hours to minutes.