Swaging Fixture

This device measures and sizes a yoke that is crimped on the end of a rod.  The rod is part of a medical device used in orthoscopic surgery. The yoke will contain moving parts and if the gap between the tangs is too small the device will function hard or not at all.  The yoke is a stainless steel machined part that due to the amount of material removed and the internal stresses of the material, the tangs tend to close up slightly.  This device uses laser mics to determine the gap between the tangs.  If the gap is too small a servo actuator drives a mechanism to spread the yoke the appropriate amount.  Three attempts are made to spread the tangs and if they cannot be brought into spec., or they were too wide to start, then they are rejected.

(The Adirontech name and logo is our previous company name and the AEI logo on the console is the controls house used to design and build the controls)